Regular Exercise


Regular Exercise

Here I am talking about what the benefit of regular exercise. you just read the story in the below and you understand why need this regular exercise.

MY STORY ON Regular Exercise

One of my goals last year is that I take regular exercise, when I started to use my bike a bit more seriously, was to cycle 100 miles in a day. It sounds easy after all those guys on the Tour De France cycle that every day for three weeks and moreover mountains and stuff. So I tried for the first time. Here in the US, we work in kilometers so it actually sounds further. 160 km is required. Because it was the hot summer here in the US, a hot country, after about 20km I was rather dehydrated and needing water. The water supply lasted about 10km, no more. I decided to head back and only just got back before collapsing from exhaustion with my legs turned to jelly.

I thought that what I needed was some training so I got online and looked for a training course that suited me. Well, what I found was found a training course. It told me what I needed to be doing, what I mistake that avoid and a whole lots more.

I followed the tips and ideas it gave. I practiced regular exercise. My diet was given a revision to get more carbs into me before the biggest rides. After 3 months of preparation, on my first attempt that I am succeeded. I built up of course as smaller steps help in making a big goal appear.

Therefore I highly recommend this course as it comes from regular experience. It takes you by the hand, or the pedal with step by step instructions on how to get to where you want to be. There are also other incentives to do this. My level of fitness improved a lot. My resting heart rate dropped. I didn’t lose weight as I grew leg muscles and didn’t have that much to lose, to tell the truth. In total, I was very satisfied with the experience.


If you want something for not so specific a target then check out in online. Lots of matters about the real training programmers for a master in the art of cycling. This is when you have different goals to that of riding 100 miles in a day but the trips in there are invaluable for any cyclist.