MICRO START SPORT BLACK Battery Jump Starter & Charger review


Here I  am describing  MICRO START SPORTS BLACK Battery Jump Starter & Charger review and give you amazon link. The Antigravity Batteries MICROSTART SPORTS BLACK Battery Jump Starter & Charger is one of the minimum lithium-ion Jump-Starter/special Power provide unit obtainable. It’s also the mainly compact Micro-Start Kit we recommend. The Antigravity Batteries MICRO-START SPORTS BLACK Battery Jump Starter & Charger is little enough to in shape in your pocket yet so powerful.It is enough to start different kind of vocals (Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, Snowmobiles, Wat.ercraft & other

MICRO START SPORT BLACK Battery Jump Starter & Charger review

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  1. BEWARE: Antigravity knock-offs being sold on Amazon. These unite will probably be unsuccessful and are not enclosed under warranty. Billet testimony Designs offers genuine Antigravity Products at the lowly acceptable cost which way that it will be enclosed below Antigravity’s warranty. If the product item is selling below MAP price $89.99 it is probably a knock-off. Even if it is genuine, it will not be covered under warranty.
  2. Antigravity Micro-Start Sports Unit. Jumps is a V6 with Ease and fits in your pocket! If you have a Harley, you will require a bigger Micro-Start similar to an XP-3, XP-1 or XP-10.
  3. Charges Android smartphones, ipads, ipods, GPS’s, GoPro’s… anything that is power-driven by a 5V USB Port.
  4. Built-in charge too much and over-discharge defense to stay away from harm your battery.
  5. Take the container with all instructions and attachment for Jump Starting, charge electronics and charge the Micro-Start SPORT

Brand  Billet Evidence Design

Item model number                    AG-XP-SP WHT

Manufacturer Part Number      AG-SPORT-BLK-PRIME


1.USB strategy: All kinds of you change like as Smartphone, Tablets, Kindles, iReader, GoPro, any kind of Cameras battery, PSPs / Handheld Game, MP3 / Music Player, Bluetooth device and lots more.

2.7,500 mAh power capacity.


  1. LED Flashlight fitted with 3 beam mode (steady, strobe, SOS beacon).
  2. Lighted capability pointer. Push a key to observe the level of battery capability lingering in the Micro-Start.
  3. Mechanical power-off when you are not in use.
  4. Built-in protection for charge too much & over-discharge, battery life good.
  5. Rechargeable lithium battery.

MICRO START SPORT BLACK Battery Jump Starter & Charger review