Medicine Ball


Here we talk about 25 medicine ball exercises.

25 Must-Try Medicine Ball Exercises

Medicine Ball


Time to acquire Schwedt with some balls! Medicine balls, that is. Existing in different sizes and weights some up to 150 pounds, these weighted spheres can help get better muscular power and sports recital. The balls can be thrown and caught do not try that with a dumbbell! , Creation of unstable medicine ball movements that can get the better overall athletic skill.

When choosing a load pick a ball that is enough to slow the movement, but not so heavy that manage, correctness, or range of motion take a hit or the poor guy next to you. For each movement, mean for 10 to 15 reps—or as many as you can do with good form. And do not miss the full-body exercises below that puts some of these moves together.

Full-Body Medicine Ball Exercises       

  1. Rock and Roll Up


At first to coordinate but hits all the main muscle groups in one powerful movement. First, lie down, back to the mat, with knees bent. Grasp a medicine ball on the ground with arms fully extensive overhead. Pull the knees into the chest; prepare to use the weight of the ball and the strength of your core to help catapult you to a restricted squat position, then standing. Next, move slowly lower back into a squat, and ease back to the floor, before lying back down. And repeat the movement.

  1. Lunge With Overhead Press

Standing on feet together, holding a lightweight medicine ball in front of the chest in hold both hands.  Then you Lift your right foot off the floor, bending your knee, and hold this place for one count before stepping onward into a lunge. With your bodyweight transferring to the right leg, reach the medicine ball straight above your head. While still in your lunge, pull the ball back to your chest, and bring the front leg back to the starting place and repeat. Lunge With Twist

  1. Lunge With Twi

Standing hip withhold both together with shoulders calm. Holding a medicine ball a few mitres in front of the chest, step onward into a lunge with the right leg. Safety first, Keep the knee from sliding onward past the toes. Get take a deep birth into that lunge, making sure the front thigh is similar with the floor, and then with extended arms, reach the medicine ball to the right, turning the torso at the same time. Continue the lunge and back to centre. Come to the position, then lunge with the other leg and turn to the left this time. Do the two times in place, or moving ahead as walking lunges.

  1. Squat Press and Throw

Heels on the ground come to a sit on your heels situation as if sitting in an imperceptible chair. Drive through the heels to jump and throw the ball straight up as high as probable—then get the hell out of the way and a quick step back should do the trick. Let the ball drop to the ground and repeat the action again.

  1. Reverse Swing

This movement could be as devastating as throwing a bowling ball the incorrect way, so read very carefully. Standing with the feet hip-width apart, and holding a medicine ball straight in front of the chest, with the elbows pointing down on the way to the floor. Keep the back flat and head facing onward. Reach the medicine ball back between the legs. Explosively swing the ball up overhead to the point that it reaches behind the head and neck (just do not throw it backwards. Keep the abs constricted as the ankles, knees, and hips extend. For the bonus points, throw the ball to the ground. Repeat this again.

Legs and Glutes

Single-Leg Squat

  1. Single-Leg Squat

Standing with the feet hip-width apart, knees a little bent. Lift the right foot off on the ground and extend it onward. Hold the medicine ball in front of the belly button. Lower the body into a squat location, sitting back into an unreal chair with the knees safely position over the feet. Return to start position, and switch legs. That is the one rep and do it again.

  1. Reaching Romanian Deadlift

This one takes a sense of balance, and a little gulp of air room to fully extend. Standing on the right leg, with a medicine ball grip both hands. Bending the right knee a little, and hinge onward at the hips, extending the left leg straight back and for an extra confront, extending the arms overhead. Feel like a ninja? The body should now form an in a straight line that is at right angles with the standing leg. Return the extended leg to the floor, repeat the action again.

  1. Single-Leg Hip Bridge

Lying on your back and placing the sole of the right foot onto the medicine ball. Thrust the hips to the sky with the left leg in a straight line in the air, with all your power supported by the right foot and the shoulders. Hold for one count and then gradually return to the starting position with the button the matt and repeat the action again.

  1. Step Jump

A medicine ball to the position of the heart, and never let go, while across the middle of a low bench or step make sure it’s sturdy. Drop into a squat until the thus makes getting in touch with with the bench. Stand about six inches from a low bench or platform, and jump up onto it so the feet land in a normal, wide stance. Cautiously jump back down to the start position and repeat.

  1. Circle Squat

Standing and holding a medicine ball at the correct hip. Circle the ball above your head toward the left, while step out the left leg to into a squat just like a sumo wrestler. The medicine circle ball, all the way to the right side of the body, while still in the sit on your heels, then step the feet back together, and circle the ball back to the right. Repeat the action.

Chest and Back

Rolling Push-Up

  1. Rolling Push-Up

A medicine cyclic ball to your routine push-up quickly morphs the higher body-blaster into an even more difficult movement. Get into high-plank with a medicine ball get one hand, and lower the chest in the direction of the floor to do a push-up. Return to high-plank and roll the ball to the hand.

  1. Medicine Ball Push-Up

Continuation the core set and the head aligned with the spine, slowly lower the chest toward the ball woof awaiting it almost touch, keeping the elbows pinned powerfully at your sides. Finish the movement by pressing uphill through the arms in expectation of fully extended. Again, if you need an adjustment, feel open to pop your knees on the mat.

  1. Weighted Superman

Lie face down on the mat with arms extended out in front, holding onto a small fry medicine ball try preparatory with 4-6 lbs. slowly lift the arms and legs up as high as probable, engaging the backside muscles. Hold the place at the top for few counts, all the while pretended you have a cape around your neck. Lower the body back down to the mat and repeat the action again.

  1. Lying Chest Toss

Two balls are better than one, this movement enlists a pair. Lie face up on a strength ball with the head and shoulder blades inactive on the ball’s middle, and knees bent at a 90-degree angle and the torso should be parallel to the floor. Keeping the neck in a neutral pose not straining onward or hanging back and holding a medicine ball with both hands just on top of the chest, with the elbows bent and point out to the sides. Push the ball out, in line with the chest like a classic chest pass and toss it straight up in the direction of the ceiling. Be added carefully not to toss the ball too hard. Just remember that What goes up must come down.

  1. Wall Pass

Find a nearest med ball-safe wall, when in doubt, always ask the gym is employees which area are fair game. Standing about 3 to 4 feet in front of it and holding a lightweight medicine ball with both hands together. Get into an athletic attitude, with a slight bend in the knees, and the centre engaged. Bring the ball to your chest, and definitely throw it at the wall get that aggression out, and take the ball on its going back.

Shoulders and Arms

Shoulder Press

  1. Shoulder Press

This movement is one of the easiest for basic but can be amped up with a heavier ball. Hold a medicine ball at the chest right side in front of the sternum. Extend the arms to the ceiling, reaching the ball above your head, and gradually lower the ball back to the start pose.

  1. Figure 8

This is like a ribbon dancing, just most of like not as stylish. Stand with feet about the shoulder-width parts. Holding onto a medicine cycle ball with both hands to one side of the head, with arms totally extended. Little by a little move of the medicine ball in a fluid, controlled movement, formed the figure 8. Repeat reps clockwise, and then switch direction. This one can be dishonestly tiring, so try it with a lighter ball first.

  1. Ball Fly

This can get a small tricky as far as balancing goes, but we assure you will look like a totality champ once you have got it down. Lie face up on a steadiness ball with the neck and shoulder blades latent on the ball’s middle, and knees bent at a 90-degree angle at parallel to the floor. Now it’s time to actually put on a show: With the abs occupied and hips raise, extend the arms, holding a lightweight medicine ball to the top limit. Shift the ball to the left hand, and gradually lower the ball until the left arm is similar to the floor and maintain a slight bend in the elbow. Bring the ball back to the middle and shift the ball to the right hand and do the same thing on this side to complete one rep, and repeat the action again.

  1. Triceps Extension

Stand in a relaxed stance, or be seated on a chair, with the centre engaged. Hold a medicine ball in both hands with the arms extended above your head, inner arms grazing the ears and resist the urge to lurch the arms forward and make an elephant noise. Next, twist the elbows, lowering the ball after the head until the arms form a 45-degree angle or as far as feels relaxed. Compress the triceps to straighten the arms, bring the ball back to the first position.

20. Biceps Curl

Standing with feet shoulder-width parts and holding the med ball in both hands at the chest. Keeping the elbows close up to the body, lower the ball in the direction of the ground until the arms completely extended. Then curl the ball support to the chest. Lower the arms back to the first position. Repeat the action again.



  1. V-Up

Lie flat on your flipside, legs extended but try not to nap on the mat. Reach the arms above your head—à la first thing in the morning extend—with a medicine ball in both hands. Engage the centre to lift the hands and feet at the same time so the body forms a “V” pose. At the top of the “V,” go by the ball from the hands to the feet. Squeeze the ball between your sneaks, and gradually lower the arms and legs back to the floor. Return to the “V,” and go by the ball back to the hands. That is complete one rep. Wipe the sweat from your brow. Repeat the action again.

  1. Overhead Slam

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, and knees a little bent. Hold a medicine ball in both hands, and lift it above your head. Then twist at the hips slightly hinging forward, watchful not to arch the back, and slam the ball on the ground straight in front. Ask fellow gym-goers properly if it is OK to slam on. And do not slam too hard. Retrieve the ball and repeat.


  1. Crunch with Medicine Ball Hold

Lie on back with legs in tabletop position, bent 90 degrees. Holding ball overhead, crunching up, and place the ball on ankles, keeping legs steady. Lie back to the start position and hold the ball in place. Crunch back up and grab the ball, and return to start position, holding ball overhead. Repeat.


  1. Straight-Leg Sit-Up

Lie flat, flipside to the mat, with a medicine ball in both hands. Extend the arms in a straight line so the ball is directly on top of the hips. While keeping the legs jointly, lift them straight over the hips to the ceiling so the body forms a giant “L”. With manage, return to the begin position and repeat the action again.

  1. Hay Bailer

Kneel on the right knee, with the left foot reverse, toes curled under to form a 90-degree angle. Hold a medicine ball in both hands close to the body while maintenance the torso tight, and perpendicular to the floor. Bring the medicine ball in the direction of the right hip, while keeping the rest of the body onward, then transfer it slantways up and across the body. Hold this place for one count before returning to the starting position. Repeat the movement in the different direction with the right foot onward.

The Ultimate Total-Body Medicine Ball Workout.

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