Bear KompleX 3 hole hand grips Plus gymnastics grips review


Here I am describing of Bear KompleX 3 hole hand grips  Plus gymnastics grips review and the product’s specification and other important sides.

Bear KompleX 3 hole hand grips and gymnastics grips review

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Available here in real 10 colourful either, Bear KompleX 3-Hole Hand Grips supply a trouble-free, helpful way to think about for your hands and palms during pull-ups excises, muscle-ups, kettlebell swing, deadlights, snatch, and presently about any other move known for cause rip and abrasion. This intends to comprise 3 finger holes, unbreakable triple-stitching, and a get-together wrist strap that offers example hold up with no dig into your wrist.


Modification good leather Which is measured for smoothness and support the right position under the buckle.

2 HOLE AND 3 HOLE FINGER OPTIONS to care for your hands and palms through Pull-ups, Chest to a bar, Muscle ups, Toes to Bar, Knees to Elbow, Kettlebell swing, Power exciting, Power Cleans, Deadlifts, snatch, physical exercises, and other…

DURABLE TRIPLE STITCHING will make sure full hold up and steadiness when using the Bear KompleX physical exercises grips. You should not have to be anxious about your hands when dominating your WOD!

Greater Leather will decrease slip on the bar and agree with you to keep bang those pull-ups out. Huge for the Sepal bar as well!

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Also specifications on KompleX 3-Hole Hand Grips:

Sold in the Pairs

Genuine good quality  Leather

Finger Holes: 3 holes

Custom hook-and-loop wrist strap

Colour: Tan colour available


DO NOT make use of or chalk these grips awaiting you make sure the grips are the right size. Sizing is fairly accurate and often times an individual partiality, so please keep in intellect that you cannot go back the grips once they have been second-hand. Place your catalogue, middle, and ring finger into the holes and correct the Velcro strap at ease approximately your wrist. You should be capable of nearly open your hand completely so the leather dishonesty flat in your hand.


Size S M L
Measurement 3.75” to 4.25” 4.25” to 5” Over 5”

Find your hand/wrist link. This is where your hand and wrist get together that you should see a creased line there. This is the tip to begin measure from.

Be confident your hand and fingers are completely in a straight line and flat. DO NOT cup your hand or stretch your fingers toward the back.

Calculate from the wrist/hand link that where you see the crease to the base of your centre finger. Be exact and don’t surround up or down.